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How do you see the fundamental principles/architecture of Georgian national security?

Formation of national security policy and security system is directly linked with the national interest and values that mainly define challenges and threats. Only the targeted security policy that is based on national interest and values is capable to bring adequate results.

Through the comprehensive analysis of all components of security environment of Georgia, the country can develop national security policy that will ensure strengthening of interests that are based on national values and thus provide correct respond to existing challenges and threats of the country.

The national value of Georgia is to ensure security of Georgian citizens on the territory that is recognized by international community. To ensure this security Georgia is guided by provisions of international law. Georgia strives to create peaceful and cooperative environment with its neighbors and to implement successive and well balanced foreign policy with them that are based upon bilateral agreements and framework treaties.

The goal of Georgia is to establish security system that will be favorable for developing the country into democratic and rule of law state. In this regard, Israel’s security system and similar models are acceptable for Georgia (by taking into consideration similarity of threats, challenges and security environment). 

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