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How would you organize the defense system?

For the purpose of improving Georgia’s defense policy and security system and implement successive security policy and sound civil-military relations, we consider the implementation of following activities to be of priority importance:

  • Increase of civil control over military and security systems and improvement of the quality of democracy;
  • Strengthening of authority of so called Trust Group in the Parliament and granting them legal right to conduct monitoring of military and security systems;
  • Establishment of public monitoring councils at law enforcement institutions that will serve as a necessary format for the development of civil-military relations;
  • Separation of Ministry of Defense and Joint Staff, establishment of the Ministry of Defense as a fully civilian structure and creation of Joint Staffs Command on the basis of joint staff after finalization of restructuration of armed forms;
  • Merging inspector general’s services into one single service and bringing it under the Parliament;
  • Comprehensive reorganization of National Security Council; definition of roles and responsibilities of National Security Council;
  • Removing security units from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to replace them with federal bureau of investigation (or state department of counter-intelligence) and bringing it under the command of the supreme commander-in-chief;
  • Establishment of committee of the heads of law enforcement entities under the National Security Council. The committee shall be responsible for the coordination of these institutions;
  • Defining the function of operational support of law enforcement agencies for federal bureau of investigation (or counter-intelligence department) and introduction of relevant changes on operational and search activities into legislation;
  • Establishment of anti-terrorism and anti-corruption operational service under the National Security Council;
  • To move State Procurement Department under the Parliament’s control.

Implementation of above actions will enable to develop such national security policy that would provide relevant response to threats, risks and challenges and prevent the country from internal destructive activities and external interventions. 

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