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How would you organize the defense system?

Defense system is a state’s cornerstone. Military professionalism, their social security and stable career growth opportunities should be the state’s constant concern. It is impossible that Georgia has an army, able to deal with any external opponent forces. But it is possible and desirable that Georgian armed forces could make an aggressor to reconsider his hostile actions and hold back the opponent, until the international community intervenes. Accordingly, the aim of the measures, purposed on strengthening the ability to defense, should be the provision of full compliance of the training and education system with modern standards, improvement of management and control, interoperability with the NATO, and the Euro-Atlantic integration support. Through its participation in the NATO-led operations Georgia undertakes the adaptation of its armed forces to new challenges, operational environment and objectives.

At the same time, one more but not the last task is to strengthen the civil democratic control over the armed forces. It is the guarantor of the military professionalism, as well as sound military-civilian relations.

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