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What would be your foreign policy towards the South Caucasus and Black Sea regions?

Even the West believes that Georgia will always be dependent on Russia in many aspects and it cannot do anything but to maintain constructive cooperation with its powerful neighbor. Nowadays Georgia is considered to be a part of Great Near East as well as a key region of terrorist theat. Georgia gained considerable importance during Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns. Existence of separatist regions in Georgia is of great concern for western countries since they see these regions as a potential safe haven for terrorism. These very factors played crucial role to make non-recognition policy of separatist regions as priority for the West.

Georgia is always linked with Russia’s geostrategic interest. Transcaucasia is closely tied with Northern Caucasus which is a part of Russian Federation. Independence of South Caucasus region created extra problems for Russia’s security. On the other hand, Russia continues its international activities in Cold War mode.

For a long time now, the relationship between Russia and Georgia is hindered by mistrust that was deepened by both sides. These relationships suspended following the events in August 2008 that dramatically increased security risk of Georgia. Remaining in this condition for a long time will lead the country to irreparable results. Will Georgia and Russia be able to establish new relationship? Answer to this question largely depends on Georgia. The country has to take into consideration Russia’s national interest while standing for its own interests at the same time. Caucasus region still offers opportunity for constructive development of relationship between Russia and Georgia which can only be achieved if Georgia understands its responsibilities over elimination of internal vulnerabilities. 

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