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What would be your foreign policy towards the South Caucasus and Black Sea regions?

The UNM attaches particular importance to the cooperation with neighboring countries, and to Georgia’s transformation to an economically attractive, peaceful and safe region of the Caucasus. Georgia traditionally has good relations with its neighboring countries: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Ukraine. Creation of a common economic space and a joint market with neighboring states will significantly contribute to the region’s stability and prosperity.

Georgia deepens its strategic partnership with the United States, as reflected in the US-Georgian Charter on strategic partnership signed in January 2009.

This document is intended to promote the development of bilateral relations in the fields of defense and security, economy, trade and energy, democracy strengthening and cultural exchanges by implementation of specific solutions, achieved within the framework of according working groups.

The UNM believes that continuation of tight cooperation with the region's countries, European Union, United States increases the chances to diversify energy sources and routes of transportation for our country and its neighbors. Increasing Georgia’s energy potential will have a positive impact on the country's security and economic development, as well as on the welfare of its citizens.

It is necessary to deepen the existing bilateral relations with European states, which will contribute to Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration process and bring more welfare to Georgian citizens. The cooperation with Asian, African, American and Oceania states should be continued, in order to continue the non-recognition policy and avoid the risks of recognizing the occupied regions.

The UNM attaches particular importance to the establishment of Georgia as the regional center and strengthening the country’s transit function, its more active involvement in the international energy, transport and communications projects.

At the same time, the absence of state border control between Georgia and Russian Federation on Abkhazian and Tskhinvali region sectors, and, generally, existence of occupied region within Georgia’s territory create favorable conditions for international terrorism and transnational organized crime. In the UNM's opinion, the public institutions must pay due attention to these matters.

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