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With which county/or alliance of countries will you attempt to achieve a strategic, including military-strategic partnerships? What steps will you take in this regard?

Well-balanced policy is one of the key directions of the foreign strategy. It aims at creation of favorable international conditions for Georgia. For this purpose, Georgia shall maintaining cooperation with international community both in bilateral and multilateral formats.

Georgia is strengthening its bilateral strategic partnership with the US and its support towards the sovereignly and territorial integrity of the country shall be welcomed. Georgia enjoys US support also in implementation of democratic reforms, development of market economy and establishment of civil society.

Georgia strives towards establishment of good neighboring relationship with Russia while taking national interest of the two countries into consideration. Georgia welcomes Russia getting closer to Europe and its ‘reset policy’ with USA. Georgia will respect Russia’s interests in North and South Caucasus. Georgia will launch dialogue with Russia on strengthening economic cooperation.

Georgia shares common European values and believes that its own national values constitute part of European values. Georgia welcomes the policy of EU that is aimed at increased involvement and cooperation with Russia. Georgia’s alignment with the EU and on the other hand, EU’s alignment with Russia will positively affect the improvement of relationship between Russia and Georgia.

This triangle of foreign policy will facilitate to the national security and ensure regional cooperation that would involve every nations of the Region including Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Iran and Georgia. Georgia’s geo-strategic role in establishment of regional security system will be of crucial importance. Against this background Georgia and the above named countries of the region will have better grounds for successful cooperation through multilateral cooperation forums such as UN, OSCE and EU Council. 

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