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With which county/or alliance of countries will you attempt to achieve a strategic, including military-strategic partnerships? What steps will you take in this regard?

The foreign policy of Georgia must be based on the state interests, taking into account the foreign policy of USA, European Union, Russia and the neighboring countries. At the same time the foreign political course must be based on the democratic principles. It must serve not only to deepening and strengthening of relations with the developed countries, but it must be a source of creation of levers for protection of human rights, based on mutual cooperation with the developed countries.

It is necessary to continue formation of military strategic partnership and cooperation with the USA and the North Atlantic Alliance. The military cooperation with the countries of European Union and Turkey are to be developed, in the structure of international formations created against terrorism and separatism.

The foundations for formation of cooperation in the points of intersection of interests with the so called CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) must be laid.

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