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With which county/or alliance of countries will you attempt to achieve a strategic, including military-strategic partnerships? What steps will you take in this regard?

In order to ensure the governmental independence and territorial integrity, Georgia must do the following:

  • It must take into account the interest of the world’s leading countries, following our country’s geo-strategic location in the Caucasus region; 
  • We must refuse to the probability of becoming a polygon the confrontation of forces having the different political views; 
  • Georgia must be the one to fix the desire of taking the firm step towards the neutrality, which will undoubtedly contribute to the peaceful resolution of the geopolitical confrontation;

Georgia: must become the State, which would have the active military neutrality!

  • Guiding with  the desire to obtain the status of country having the permanent neutrality:
  • We will send a proposal to the United Nations Secretary-General to raise the issue of a permanent military neutrality in front of the UN Security Council's permanent (and temporary) members to become the guarantor of Georgia’s permanent military neutrality;
  • We will send a proposal to all the member States of the United Nations (and non-members) in order to have the mutual agreement, to acknowledge the status of Georgia, as the country having the permanent military neutrality.

Georgia, having a permanent military neutrality, based on guarantee adopted the relevant international agreement, will never have to use the right, granted to it under the international law – using the armed forces in order to repel attacks on its neutrality.

Georgia, having the permanent military neutrality, will do everything to make itself active in promoting peace in the world and become the country, that will be a role model for the others. Issues related to the above topics has been covered in detail by us and is kept in the collection of the National Library in the following collection: M. Saluashvili ,“On the issue of military neutrality of Georgia", Tbilisi, 2012 year. 

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