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With which county/or alliance of countries will you attempt to achieve a strategic, including military-strategic partnerships? What steps will you take in this regard?

Georgia is a part of European and Euro-Atlantic space. Accordingly, the integration processes taking place in Europe, particularly the NATO and EU expansion to East, are important for providing Georgia’s development and safety.

Recalling the firm will clearly expressed by Georgian citizens by the 2008 plebiscite, the United National Movement strives that Georgia becomes a member of European and Euro-Atlantic structures. This will allow our country to consolidate its democracy, as well as strengthen the prosperity of its citizens and its national security. Georgia is committed to the principle that every state has the sovereign right to choose its future path of development and the alliances, membership of which it wishes.

Gradual integration in the EU is one of the most important directions of Georgia’s political development. Improving and developing relations with the EU will facilitate the country’s economic development, strengthening of its political system, democratic institutions and security.

Hence, expansion of the institutional framework of the EU-cooperation considered being of great importance. Georgia should achieve that the use of the four freedoms (free movement of people, goods, services, capital) is available with respect of the European Union, which will promote the country's economic development and the creation of better conditions for its citizens.

For this reason Georgia has to maximally use the cooperation mechanisms, existing currently on the part of the EU, and aspire to obtain an additional framework and formats by emphasising the European prospective.  

Becoming a NATO-member is a strategic objective of Georgia’s foreign politics. In the UNM’s opinion, the NATO membership will provide Georgia solid guarantees of safety and sustainability and will play an important role in improving the safety in the entire region.

The NATO accession-related reforms will contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions in Georgia, as well as the defense reinforcement.

The UNM still welcomes that Georgia is providing a significant contribution to the NATO-led operations, within the framework of which the tasks, successfully performed by Georgian armed forces, not only increases Georgia’s importance for the transatlantic security, but also enrich the experience of the armed forces.

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