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What kind of policy would you support to restore territorial integrity and build trust amongst people?

To successfully implement the country’s deoccupation, the UNM considers it necessary that the international community becomes more active regarding Russian Federation’s actions, so that it takes the obligation of non-use of force against Georgiaრ, meets the international law standards, including the principles of inadmissibility of locating foreign armed forces on the territory of a sovereign state without its consent, and fulfill absolutely all commitments of the EU-brokered agreement of August 12, 2008 on Ceasefire between Russia and Georgia.

One of the main components of deoccupation is the maintenance of the already established term “occupation” in international political and legal documents; continuation of non-recognition policy by the international community regarding the occupied territories of Georgia, and recognising the ethnic cleansing and ethnics-based persecution facts in this region.

The United National Movement believes that Georgia, by use of all political, legal and peaceful means, must resist Russian Federation's actions, which will be directed to illegal change of the population’s demographic composition in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region and the existing property status.

The return of involuntarily displaced persons and refugees to their permanent places of residence, recovery of their property right and security guarantees must be provided with full respect for the justice, equality, human rights and freedoms, based on the international law principles and by creating other such conditions, which will enable them to benefit from the safe, voluntary and dignified return.

The United National Movement is determined to create such formats and incentive mechanisms, which would promote the rapprochement of the population of occupied territories with the rest of the country’s the population, deepening the relations between Georgian citizens, separated by dividing lines as a result of the occupation, and the gradual integration of this population in the unified state. For this purpose, during the United National Movement government, the "State Strategy on Occupied Territories - Engagement through Cooperation" and "Engagement Strategy Action Plan”   were created in collaboration with international partners.

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