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In your opinion, how the local self-governance should be organized in Georgia?

Our presidential program foresees the existence of the Unitary state, based on the regional principle. The main purpose of the action of the local authorities, is to implement the most important right of the country’s population, which is called their appropriate involvement in governing the Country.

The governmental vertical built on the regional principles, must be based on the document,  adopted in 1985,  -  "The European Charter of Local Self-Government," Strasbourg, 15.X.1985 year., Given a key principle: "Local self-government denotes the right and the ability of local authorities, within the law to regulate and  to manage the substantial share of public affairs under their own responsibility and according to the interests of the local population "(Article 3.1).

The detailed analysis of our vision can be found in the following collections protected by the National Library: M. Saluashvili, "The changes to be taken in the Georgian Constitution, connected to the regional breakdown in Georgia”, Tbilisi, 2012 year.


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