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In your opinion, how the local self-governance should be organized in Georgia?

Development and prosperity of the modern society is only possible through the maximal development and enactment of self-governance institutions. The electoral system should provide diversified representation both at the central and local levels.

The United National Movement aims to promote the maximal decentralization of the state system and transfer more authorities to the local self-government. Self-government as an instrument should guarantee that the system and its individual elements are protected from political changes, occurring as a result of any elections.

The UNM will become actively involved in the reform of the administrative-territorial system establishment, which provides the strengthening of local government and self-government institutions, and their development to the real foundation of the state management system.

Clear separation of functions of the central and regional authorities - the State Representative – Governor’s Office - should be undertaken gradually - and these functions should be delegated to lower levels. In this regards, it is of great importance to determine the governance form for the regional level and establish electivity principles.

The UNM believes that effective steps should be taken in the fiscal system decentralization. It implies delegation of certain fiscal competencies to the local self-government units. Establishment of such system will strengthen the local self-governments, equip them with more authority and create a competitive environment between different fiscal systems.

After such decentralization, it is important that the local self-government units, based on the competitiveness principle, receive as much tax incomes, as are necessary for the effective fulfilment of the competencies delegated to them.  At the same time, the country’s macroeconomic stability should be maintained and no such reduction of tax incomes to the country’s budget should take place that the central government becomes problems in the process of fulfilling its competencies. 

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