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What policy do you support regarding the improvement of social security net?

Georgia’s social policy should contribute to the poverty reduction, improvement of living standards and establishment of a strong middle class. In the UNM’s opinion, it is necessary to create a better environment for job creation, as well as the development of the social security system that makes it even more focused on providing the families living below the poverty line with targeted social assistance.

In this regard, it is particularly important that Georgian government includes into the state budget of 2014 the costs, associated with the 1000 GEL voucher distribution, announced by the UNM before the parliamentary elections of October 1, 2012.

The voucher, along with the improvement of our population’s status, could become an effective social policy instrument – instead of the state bureaucracy cutting needs of all families in a same template, the state entrusts the families making a decision on what to spend the amount, provided through the issuance of the 1000 GEL voucher by the state.

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