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What kind of policies and concrete decisions would you support in order to increase access to and quality of health care?

Georgian healthcare policy should set an objective of promoting the quality and accessibility improvement for healthcare services. United National Movement believes that all citizens should be equally provided with quality medical services.

Along with protection of patient’s rights, the medical staff rights should be a priority, as well as decent working conditions and fair wages. Skilled personnel are the primary guarantee of high quality and efficient health services, for which, besides the university medical education, the development of Professional Medical Residency and modernization of skills improvement system have priority.

The United National Movement believes that the medical infrastructure rehabilitation projects should be continued, in order to provide our citizens in all regions the opportunity of receiving high standard and effective medical care. Therefore, it is necessary to modernize the insurance system, establish sound competition in this sector, and improve private or public insurance schemes for citizens.

It is necessary that the insurance packages include an extended list of drugs subject to the state reimbursement for the socially vulnerable part of population, and that the members of different groups have access to significant benefits.

Working in the pharmaceutical sector should be based on competition, which will reduce prices and provide high quality and cost-effective medicines to the population.

Primary healthcare, as well as the institution of village and family doctors should be still more supported financially and through participation in a wide range of insurance schemes. To improve the population’s health status characteristics it is essential that the public healthcare system becomes a priority, and efforts are made to promote the healthy lifestyle establishment.

Particular attention should be paid to maternal and child health, pregnancy surveillance, expansion of reproductive health services, which will improve the demographic data and make more realistic the achievement of the Millennium goals in Georgia.

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