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What policies do you think the government should implement to address unemployment?

The United National Movement strives to create preconditions for availability of quality goods and services for people in Georgia. Georgia’s economic policy should aim at employment increase and creation of a competitive labour market in order to achieve the mentioned goal. An important factor for increasing the competitiveness of economy and citizens is the skilled labour training promotion.

In order to stimulate the creation of new jobs, tax cuts need to be made, as it was planned before the amendments to the Tax Code adopted in December 2012, and the labour market freedom should be retained. Low taxes mean more investments, more economic activity, more jobs and lower prices.

Business creates jobs. Therefore, in the opinion of the United National Movement, feeling safety and stability in the private sector is important for the employment promotion. Accordingly, a 5-year moratorium should be declared on such legislative changes that affect the financial-economic environment; the legislative body should adopt a law on amnesty for financial-economic crimes and on legalization of hidden taxes; decriminalization of financial-economic crime should be undertaken; prohibit inspections of private-owned companies by state controlling bodies without the court authorization; the obligation of submitting the information on economic freedom to the parliament should be added to the Ombudsman's annual report.

It is important that jobs are created not only in cities, but also the enterprises processing agricultural products start operating in regional centres. This will increase the demand for high-quality agricultural products, which, in turn, should become the basis for new investments to the field of agriculture.

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