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What is your vision to accelerate economic growth? Which specific areas fall into your priorities and what kinds of policies would you propose to the parliament and the government of Georgia?

The first condition and basis of economy growth is a promotion of medium-size and small business, with the aim of increasing of their number. This step will enable us not only solve the  problem of  employment of the population, at least partly, but in a case of implementation by the state of correct policy in economy, will cause fast growth of a middle class of the society, that is the level of evaluation of the management of the state. One more condition of a growth of economy is a selection by the state of preferential directions of development of economy that is based on amount and specific character of goods imported in the country.

Small and medium-size businesses must be directed on completion of deficiency in the country.

One more direction of growth is export of production and education, of culture and services, and import of intellect.

Creation of favorable conditions for investments; establishing and widening of free economic zones.


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