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What is your vision to accelerate economic growth? Which specific areas fall into your priorities and what kinds of policies would you propose to the parliament and the government of Georgia?

The pursuit of prosperity is a fundamental human right, and its implementation is only possible in a free environment. To provide each citizen's welfare, such a model of the county’s sustainable development should be established that is based on creation of the free economic environment.

The principles of this model are: a smaller government, fiscal discipline, responsible macroeconomic and sound monetary policies, low taxes, investment climate improvement, with introduction of targeted social programs.

The main objective of the UNM economic policy is the country’s rapid economic development, job creation, overcoming of poverty and unemployment, improvement of the population’s living standards, and, as the result of all above – achievement of more prosperity, social development and safety for each citizen of Georgia.

Recognizing the role that is assigned to Georgia in the process of energy resources supply from the Caspian Sea and Central Asian regions to the rest of the world by alternative ways, the UNM considers its effective operation one of the cornerstones of economy.

Another priority of Georgia is the strengthening of the country's energy independence. In this regard, it is important to maintain the diversification of energy supply sources. Georgia should become a major regional exporter of electricity, which, besides to the power generation increase, requires the construction of new transmission lines connecting the states.

It is also important to develop Georgia’s transport infrastructure. Baku - Tbilisi - Kars railway will facilitate the expansion of economic ties between East and West and bring Georgia even closer to European economic space. Construction of Lazika Port in Anaklia gulf will raise Georgia’s role as the transit corridor to new heights.

In the UNM’s opinion, the rapprochement with the European Union and opening of new export markets will generate strong incentives for job-creating process. Therefore, signing of a free trade agreement with the EU and relevant negotiations with the USA should be speeded up.

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