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In your opinion, what kind of tax system is reasonable for Georgia and according to which principle should income tax be determined?

The taxation system requires the particular interest. It would be recommended to introduce the USA model of taxation system: more income - progressive tax. The part of the population with the monthly income not exceeding 300 GEL is to be exempted from income tax.

The program of preferential tax regime should be developed in taxation of business, which will be directed (as an example):

  • For a business with 500 and more employees hired, with minimum salary 800 GEL.
  • 300 and more employees, with minimum salary 1000 GEL;
  • 100 and more employees, with minimum salary 1300 GEL;
  • 50 and more employees, with minimum salary 1600 GEL, with annual indexation of the mentioned requirement;
  • For business working in agriculture.
  • For business which export turnover during the last year exceeded 1,000,000 USD (as an example).

The program of advertising in the society of timely payment of income tax must be developed along with this.

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