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What is your vision on education policy? What kind of policy do you support for improving the quality of primary, secondary, professional and higher education?

Reform of the education system aims at improving the quality of general professional and high education, establishment of knowledge and professional-based society and creation of favorable grounds for the development of science. In terms of general education, my goal is to ensure access to basic education for every citizen.

Support of the education is of crucial importance since it helps to form the characteristics of future generation. Accordingly, schools and generally, educational facilities shall not be oriented on giving the knowledge only, they shall be able to develop the students into a good citizens of their country. Family plays an important role towards achievement of this goal. Being a public institution, an educational facility is responsible to conduct its activities in accordance with public interest, since the society is the unity of families and the education system shall comply with the traditional values of these families. This very thing is the guarantee to protect the future generations from socially unacceptable forms of behavior.

Ensuring provision of quality and state-of-the-art high education is one of the preconditions for developing scientific potential and economic development of Georgia. All levels of education system shall comply with international standards and be based on Georgian national values.

We must realize that it is more expensive for the state to support uneducated individual than an educated and employed citizen.

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