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What is your vision on education policy? What kind of policy do you support for improving the quality of primary, secondary, professional and higher education?

We will develop a concept of continuous education that will also create a basis of the common law on education; we will modify the school, university, professional and pre-school education content (standards, programs, books) by adopting the national concept and educational goals (doctrine):

  • A new model for educational systems will be created;
  • A management scheme for education will be established;
  • Inspection and methodical services will be established for the educational system;
  • Appropriate and flexible mechanisms of attracting or managing the qualified personnel will be created;
  • A new principle and scheme of the teachers' professional development will be elaborated;
  • A modern model of teachers’ certification will be developed;
  • Permanent labour contracts with teachers will be reintroduced;
  • Free and democratic Boards of Trustees will be elected;
  • New rules for school safety will be developed;
  • A new, democratic and non-corrupt accreditation system will be created;
  • A new multicomponent system of school certification exam (certificate rating, character certificate – recommendation) system will be established, based on which the applicants will be admitted to the institutions of higher education
  • The Academy of Sciences needs to be reformed; the dismantled and sold scientific and sectoral institutes have to be restored. Moreover, there is a dramatic necessity of establishing new scientific institutes;
  • Teachers’ minimal salary should exceed three times the minimum living wage;
  • Affordable 20-year educational and student loans should be introduced;
  • The state should also fund two-year vocational colleges, where the students will be able to study practical specialties and crafts after graduating from secondary schools.

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