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What is your vision on education policy? What kind of policy do you support for improving the quality of primary, secondary, professional and higher education?

Without education and science it is impossible to provide the country’s decent future, create a modern state, based on the values established in the civilized world. A consistent and proper education system, oriented at innovation and technological improvement is the major prerequisite for creation of well-paid jobs and, respectively, for improvement of living standards in the country.

It is essential to further update the school infrastructure, equip every school in accordance with modern requirements and supply them with necessary resources.

Under conditions of decentralization of the school education management, the state determines the national curriculum and carries out the education quality control, while the direct management of schools, budget management, as well as improvement of pedagogical and methodological approaches necessary for achievement of the educational objectives rests within the competence of schools’ self- governance.

At both secondary and higher education levels the “per pupil/student model” of educational grants’ allocation should be maintained, at the same time increasing the grant amount. This system will allow the increase of remunerations for Professors and Teachers, and bring other expenses necessary for the learning process closer to international standards.

The next phase of the educational reforms, carried out during the UNM governance period, should be the integration of overall national exams and high school final exams.

Regarding higher education, it is necessary that our universities keep moving towards their complete academic, administrative and financial autonomy.

State support of education and development in the field of technologies is a priority, a perfect example of which was the American Technological University project in Batumi. This and other similar projects should be continued with the support of the state and private initiatives. Also the education funding, aimed at financing our students studying under master's degree programs at the world's best universities, should be continued.

The vocational education system has to comply with the local and global market requirements, it has to be extremely diverse and evolve in close cooperation with business.

Introducing Georgia’s rich cultural heritage to future generations should be a part of education policy. Hence, it is important to modernize museums and libraries, make them to modern, attractive, diverse areas as for education, as well as for intellectual relaxing.

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