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As Georgia’s president, what do you think will be your biggest objective?

Our presidential program (see, has the common name – “ shining Georgia by the name of God”, consists of two conditional. In particular:

  1. The national religious part, where the subject of the   spiritual mission of Georgia is discussed;  and
  2. The national political part, where the subjects of the existing fundamental changes in the political system are discussed.

From centuries of spiritual mission, mankind's pace - the Lord Jesus Christ in glory for the second time stated earlier, the last time before confirming signs that the developments in Georgia identified (see program). Coming from the centuries, the spiritual mission of Georgia is to inform the mankind about the earlier time of the second coming of Jesus Christ in glory, i. e.  the confirming signs of the End Times, which is identified through the events, that occur in Georgia.

And the biblical End Times are coming to an end. The world, waiting for this great moment, is standing on the threshold of this largest transformation

If the substantive side of our overall motto, "Choose life in order to live," is properly understood by the Georgian nation and the reasonable decision, in the remaining time to the stated boundary, my merit as the president of Georgia (if it will be the God’s will), will be totally directed not only to Georgian residents, but in general, to properly conduct the spiritual preparation of the humanity.

According to the biblical suggestion, The Judgment Day will be the end of the time when the perishable will pass. The arrogance will be executed, unbelief will be rooted out, justice will be strengthened, and the truth will light up. And then no one will ever be able to save the life of perished, and the winner will not be doomed to death either ... [3 Ezra 7,49].

On this road, leading to this landmark, following the purpose of the implementation of political motto of my presidential program - "Orthodoxy, neutrality, peace in the Caucasus", the main goal for me is to create free and united democratic State, which will be based on the Christian moral principles. 

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