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As Georgia’s president, what do you think will be your biggest objective?

It is a strong desire of Georgian people to develop a free and democratic society, strengthen the supremacy of law and the governance system that is based on all citizens’ equality before law, is transparent and accountable to people, and is a guarantor of each citizen’s human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of speech, thought, conscience, religion and belief, freedom of creating associations and the right to participate in such. This kind of a political system is an essential prerequisite for the country’s development.

Due to the systemic democratic reforms, implemented in Georgia during the UNM (United National Movement) governance, a peaceful alternation of political power became possible. From this point of view, the parliamentary elections of 2012 represent an important step towards the establishment and strengthening of democratic institutions in Georgia. The UNM’s goal is that the country maintains this success and makes the process of democratic power renewal irreversible.

The post-elections year has shown that the pace of reforms has slowed down in a number of sectors, and in some cases even step back has been taken. Today it is obvious that the government is not able to fulfil its tasks, such as maintaining the economic growth, infrastructure development, investment attraction and, as a result, creation of new jobs; it fails to fight crime and maintain secure environment,  adequately respond to the challenges faced by our country.

In such reality, the objective of Georgia’s president is to work for inalterability of the country’s foreign policy and for implementation of Euro-Atlantic choice of Georgian people; at the same time, the president should control the government, so that the government and parliamentary majority would take care of people’s problems and thereby fulfil their electoral promises. 

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