Margiani Avtandil


Initiative group

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Date of birth / Place of birth

Mestia, 1945


Avtandil Margiani graduated from State Polytechnic Institute of Georgia.

Working experience

1961-1967 – Avtandil Margiani represented Georgia at winter skiing athletic competitions. For years he used to work as a team-leader of a construction crew, engineer, factory director and chairman of district council. In 1990-1991 he served as a Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of independent Georgian republic.

Since 1990 Avtandil Margiani was an MP of Supreme Council of Georgia. On December 7, 1990 he founded Democratic Union of Georgia.

1992-1995 – served as MP and Vice-Premier of the Parliament of Georgia. He was an initiator to settle the problems related to displaced people from Abkhazia and Tskhinvali; he also stood for the support of Dali (Kodori) Gorge. In the most critical period of the county, he organized solutions to solve food crisis. In addition to this, Avtandil Margiani leaded the main Governmental Headquarter and was one of the leaders who helped to end civil war in 1991-1992, create State Council in Georgia and elect Mr. Eduard Shevardnadze as its leader.

Avtandil Margiani was one of the initiator to stop civil war in West Georgia (Samegrelo and Imereti regions) and also to join Georgia to Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS).

Avtandil Margiani is an academician at the Academy of National and Social Relationships, as well as the leader of Georgian public patriotic movement of United Georgia and Russian Union of Georgia.

Avtandil Margiani supported the construction of David Aghmashenebeli, Queen Tamar and Rustaveli monuments in Kvemo Kartly, as well as reconstraction of 8 new Georgian villages, 3 churches and 7 historic castles.

Family Status

Avtandil Margiani is married and has two sons.

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