Asatiani Akaki

Political Party:

Union of Georgian Traditionalists

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Date of birth / Place of birth

1953, Tbilisi


In 1977 he graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Oriental Studies.

Working experience

The Presidential Candidate Akaki Asatiani worked at Mose Toidze Art College as a teacher, and as a translator in Sakinporm (Georgian Informational Agency).

Since 1990 Akaki Asatiani is chairman of the Union of Georgian Traditionalists. During the elections of 1990 he ran as a majoritarian candidate by the party list of "Round Table - Free Georgia" party alliance. The same year Akaki Asatiani became a Member of Parliament of Georgia. In 1991-1992 he was the "Round Table" member.

In 1990-1991 Akaki Asatiani held the position of the First Deputy Speaker of Georgian Parliament, and in 1991-1992 served as its acting chairman.

During the parliamentary elections of 1992 he ran by the party list and became a member of Parliament; 1992-1995 he was chairman of the Traditionalist party.

By the elections of 1995 Akaki Asatiani ran for the party, but failed to become a Member of Parliament. 1999-2003 he was a Member of Georgian Parliament.

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